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Sino daw ako?

Una sa lahat, INTROVERT ako. Madalas akong napapagod kasama yung mga taong hindi ko kakilala o kaclose. Kung dadalhin mo ako sa isang bar/club, mas gugustuhin kong uminom nalang kesa sumayaw sa dance floor (secret lang natin, sabi nila malakas daw akong uminom. Ewan ko. Bangenge na kasi sila nung sinabi nila yun).

Inaamin ko, hindi ako magaling sumulat. Mahilig lang akong magkwento. Natutuwa ako pag nakakatapos ako ng isang piyesa at pinuri ito, kahit isa lang siya masaya na ako!!

Para sa akin kasi, ang pagsusulat ang pinaka malakas na boses ng taong gustong mapakinggan sa mundong ang tanging alam lang ay magsalita; hindi makinit at umintindi. Tuloy tuloy lang ang daloy ng mga salita, walang pumipigil sakin na, “ako ganyan, ganon”. Bago sila magsalita, tapos na ako sa opinyon ko.

Oo, iba ang kinuha kong kurso. Mahilig kasi ako sa science kaya science related course ang kinuha ko, para may malaking sweldo na kaya kong pag-aralin ang sarili ko at kaya akong buhayin kahit kumabit ako sa pagsusulat at musika.

Sa totoo lang, mahirap dumaloy sa utak ko kung paano ko sisimulan ang gusto kong sabihin. Ngayon, bago ulit ako nakapagsulat sa araw na to ay ilang buwang walang pumapasok na inspirasyon. Nagtry din akong mag excercise, wala pa din. Puro tulog, kain, laro, basa na naka repeat.

Hindi ko inaasam na pagtawanan, seryosohin o purihin ako ng mga mababasa nito. Gusto ko lang gisingin ang inyong kunsensya. Magkaroon ng pakeelam at pag-isipin. Sa panahon kasi ngayon, parang isang malaking kasalanan na ang nagiisip, mortal sin naman ang common sense.

Isinusulat ko dito ang lahat ng gusto kong sabihin, lahat ng sinisigaw ng puso at isipan ko. Yung iba siguro kwentong barbero pero subukan nyong basahin ng maigi ang pinapahayag ng mga salita. May nakaipit na kahulugang atat na atat na inyong mabasa.

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I’m back.. I guess? 

Hello hello guys! 

So I’ve been quite busy for the past months because of deadlines and graduation. But here I am, back with a couple of pictures, quotes or even stories that I’ve missed telling. 

Before I posted about Camaya resort in Bataan, Philippines; though I didn’t venture more on details, now.. my next post will be my trip to one of the mountains of Antipolo, Rizal Philippines.. Mount Purro. 

This place went viral last week or last last week (I really can’t remember haha!) and I even shared it in my facebook wall because the place is stunningly beautiful. So last week, my bestfriend ask me if I want to go on a day tour in that place, and I blurted out “yeah!” quickly than expected. Unexpectedly, his brother, girlfriend of his brother and sister were already making their reservation for visit. I was on the verge of cancelling because of financial and tired mind and body because of my 1st TEDxMiriamCollege experience (next next post haha) and we were scheduled the next day.

And thus, I ended up going to that unexpected trip that I got myself into. But I tell you, I have no regrets. Especially.. in God’s beautiful creation.

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Open letter to VP Leni Robredo

by Diana Carmella Gellangarin Taganas

To Leni Robredo,

If nothing else, surely you are aware of how most Filipinos feel about you as of the moment: Useless. And that’s putting it kindly. And yet what’s astonishing is that you do not seem to get it.

Ganito kasi ‘yan. In some countries and states, there are two types of leaders: the ‘head of state’ and the ‘head of government’. The head of state has primarily ceremonial duties, while the head of government is responsible for running the government of a country, with his cabinet. For some, a head of state has limited or no executive powers, only a symbol. To make it short, for some, an example is the royalty. Here, obviously the head of state and the head of government are one and the same. The Philippine President should assume both roles.

For decades, people have been brainwashed that a president needs only to be presentable, never mind if he or she actually knows how to deal with the less palatable issues in our society. Now that’s what you believe in, too. LP brainwashes people, all the while putting invertebrates like you into power by turning people like you into something special.

That’s why LP needs Ninoy to remain a hero.
That’s why LP needs Cory to become a saint.
That’s why Noynoy is called the Son of Democracy.
That’s why Bam impersonates Ninoy.
That’s why LP needs to sensationalize February 25, more than other holidays.
That’s why LP needs priests and nuns to join your rallies.
That explains Kris’s sense of entitlement to presidential choppers.
That’s why Paolo Roxas was formally admitted to the public only after LP knew of people’s tolerance of Duterte.
That’s why you need to post a photo of yourself ‘bathed in light’.
That’s why you need to post ‘missing Jesse’ in your posts every now and then.
That’s why you need your image to remain a loyal widow, when obviously you’re in a relationship.
That’s why your office responded to a controversy of your alleged pregnancy immediately, yet was mum on the Profriends Developer issue. (You are more concerned of your image rather than addressing constituents’ needs.)
That’s why your party needs to inject brand names like ‘decent’, ‘presentable’, ‘gracious’.

Given this sacrosanctity, you can already consider ‘paving the way’, ‘gracing the event’, ‘you are included in my prayers’, ‘being an inspiration’ as accomplishments as VP.

People like you, who ‘went out of your way and alighted from your car’ to go to Nanay magsasaka who waved at your car. You hugged her and had a photo taken together. Yeah, being able to embrace you really helped her in life.

People like you who look good abroad, rubbing shoulders with the ‘who’s-who’, bluffing your way through accolades, while Filipinos who know the real score are called trolls.

People like you whom yellows consider ‘inspiring’, ‘a true example of a leader’, a ‘gracious woman’, with ‘decent manners’, ‘doing her job well’, cheering you on, never mind the ‘trolls’.

People like you, pampered, who break at the slightest provocation, whose ears burn at the mildest jeers, whose weak constitution deny unpalatable realities of brutality, whose tender sensibilities cannot accept criticisms, who, instead of protecting the people, turned out to be the one being consoled, comforted, surprised with Jollibee burgers with hugot post-its in order to make her giggle on Valentines Day.

People like you, who supposedly stand as the heroine and champion of labanderas, tinderas, unemployed single mothers, widows with numerous children, sex workers, turned out to be the pampered damsel-in-distress who needs these women to rally for her. Shame.

Many people are starting to see through the ruse and it won’t be long for all to realize.
That Cory is not a saint.
Ninoy is no hero.
Noynoy, stripped of ‘Aquino’ is not even an admirable, decisive, self-made male.
The Aquinos have no royal blood.
You’re all just ordinary citizens elected into position.

Do you still not understand why people dislike you? It does not even help that Duterte is evil and you are good. Remember Leni, you ask forgiveness for two sins: what you ‘have done’ and what you ‘have failed to do’. If Duterte is guilty with killing; you are guilty of protecting. With all the problems in the country, ‘not doing anything’ is more criminal.

Tell you what. People would not have cared that Mar had an illegitimate son IF ONLY he was an effective leader. We would not care about your relationship with the Congressman IF ONLY you are a sensible VP. Pero paano na ang ribbon-cutting? Mawawalan ng bisa kasi di ka pala santa, ano?

Laban Leni? Leni, Leni, Leni, it is the Philippines that needs protecting. Punyeta ka, ikaw pa ngayon ang kino-comfort.

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First stop for summer 2017 is.. Camaya Coast Resort!

We arrived in Mariveles, Bataan on a ferry from Manila. It’s a quick getaway if you want to enjoy outdoors without any hassle of driving. Even though it’s still under development; everything and everyone are enticing. They really lived by their tagline.. “At Camaya Coast, Life is breathtakingly simple.”

A day tour is not enough to enjoy this one of a kind resort. I’ll definitely be back.. for sure. Now let the pictures do the talking!

Camera: Nikon D100
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom


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Quote of the day 2017: January 06

I admit. I’ve been an arse to my true love. We’ve been together for almost 9 years now. With an ‘on’ and ‘off’ relationship. In between those years, I’m always the one who got  away because of childish reasons like,

  • Why can’t we date?
  • Can he just stop working for a while to spend some time with me?
  • And the likes.

It may look like we’ve been fooling each other (especially me haha!), but deep inside I know he’s serious. He knows me inside and out. He’s the only one I can talk to anything.. and when I said anything.. like literally! And he just laugh and give some side comments. That’s one thing that I really like about him. He knows my strengths and weaknesses. He maybe an arse too, but damn. He’s loyal. 

This year, I know.. things are getting serious. We’re not 14 years old girl and 18 years old boy anymore. That little bud of love that we’ve planted 9 years ago grew into something…

Something wonderful. 😍

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Quote of the day 2017: January 05

I must admit, my 2016 is really shitty. But it doesn’t mean that I should have a negative energy this year. To those people who also had a rollercoaster ride last 2016; Smile. Be bright and kick those negativity to the curb this 2017. ‘Cause baby girl/boy, you are stronger than you think you are. Share those happiness to others. You never know who needed it the most. 

Do not just exist. LIVE.