Sino daw ako?

Una sa lahat, INTROVERT ako. Madalas akong napapagod kasama yung mga taong hindi ko kakilala o kaclose. Kung dadalhin mo ako sa isang bar/club, mas gugustuhin kong uminom nalang kesa sumayaw sa dance floor (secret lang natin, sabi nila malakas daw akong uminom. Ewan ko. Bangenge na kasi sila nung sinabi nila yun).

Inaamin ko, hindi ako magaling sumulat. Mahilig lang akong magkwento. Natutuwa ako pag nakakatapos ako ng isang piyesa at pinuri ito, kahit isa lang siya masaya na ako!!

Para sa akin kasi, ang pagsusulat ang pinaka malakas na boses ng taong gustong mapakinggan sa mundong ang tanging alam lang ay magsalita; hindi makinit at umintindi. Tuloy tuloy lang ang daloy ng mga salita, walang pumipigil sakin na, “ako ganyan, ganon”. Bago sila magsalita, tapos na ako sa opinyon ko.

Oo, iba ang kinuha kong kurso. Mahilig kasi ako sa science kaya science related course ang kinuha ko, para may malaking sweldo na kaya kong pag-aralin ang sarili ko at kaya akong buhayin kahit kumabit ako sa pagsusulat at musika.

Sa totoo lang, mahirap dumaloy sa utak ko kung paano ko sisimulan ang gusto kong sabihin. Ngayon, bago ulit ako nakapagsulat sa araw na to ay ilang buwang walang pumapasok na inspirasyon. Nagtry din akong mag excercise, wala pa din. Puro tulog, kain, laro, basa na naka repeat.

Hindi ko inaasam na pagtawanan, seryosohin o purihin ako ng mga mababasa nito. Gusto ko lang gisingin ang inyong kunsensya. Magkaroon ng pakeelam at pag-isipin. Sa panahon kasi ngayon, parang isang malaking kasalanan na ang nagiisip, mortal sin naman ang common sense.

Isinusulat ko dito ang lahat ng gusto kong sabihin, lahat ng sinisigaw ng puso at isipan ko. Yung iba siguro kwentong barbero pero subukan nyong basahin ng maigi ang pinapahayag ng mga salita. May nakaipit na kahulugang atat na atat na inyong mabasa.


Love Charms and Other Catastrophes (Grimbaud #2)

I just came back from my 2 days travel in Grimbaud! A town were people go to get some love in the air. Here is the 2nd book of the Grimbaud Series and a summary of the book from Goodreads because I definitely suck at summaries and might end up giving spoilers. So anyway, summaries from Goodreads and my favorite quote in this lovely novel, here we go!

Love Charms and Other Catastrophes (Grimbaud #2)
by Kimberly Karalius

Sometimes love comes gift-wrapped…literally.

Aspiring love-charm maker Hijiri Kitamura was excited to come back to Grimbaud for her sophomore year—until she learned about the upcoming charm-making competition. She, along with her friends and fellow rebels, had worked too hard to free the town from Zita’s tyrannical love fortunes to allow some other charm maker to move in and take over. The only solution is for Hijiri to win the contest herself.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, especially when Love itself has decided to meddle in Hijiri’s life. Concerned that its favorite charm maker has given up on finding a love of her own, Love delivers a very special gift—the perfect boyfriend, specially crafted just for her.

Genres: Young Adult

My Rating: 5 stars, of course!

Favorite Quotes

Chapter 1: Party

“The box trembled as the something in the inside pushed. The ribbon fell away. The top flaps opened with a loud tear of tape and wrapping paper.

A boy stepped out of the box.”

Chapter 2: Made with Love

” Love crossed his arms, “You know I don’t do this for just anyone. Most people spend their entire lives searching for their true loves. I’m simply giving you yours now.” ”

“Find me if you need me. The cupids have ears,” Love said

“Love is magic, she thought, and nothing can change that. Technology is no equal to love.”

Chapter 4: Impressing the Principal

“I think Love wants me to find the answers on my own,” Ken said. “I want to hear it from you”.

Chapter 5: The Questionable Dating Game

“This is a test of instinct”, he told her. “It’s something you already possess. You don’t need a charm to show how good you are”.

Chapter 6: Instinct

“I hated anything that went away. The more permanent ta thing was, the better”

Chapter 7: The Unfortunate Accident

“Sometimes you know what you like, It’s called trusting your heart.”

“Niceness is magic, but no one thinks of it that way since it’s quiet and constant.”

Chapter 8: Change of Plans

“To change lives and get to the root of love, there must be tears. There must be anger, jealousy, and hopelessness”

Chapter 10: Waterworks

“Romantic love isn’t the only love there is. Hearth charms come from love of home and family. A couple is happy if their home is happy”

Chapter 17: Home Again

“Hearts don’t like words, Bartering with feelings would get you better answers”.

Chapter 18: Heart-To-Heart Talk

“The big question still remains. Does it still matter to you whether Ken’s real or fake?”

“It makes me believe that our hearts can be tangled and tied to each other, no matter how far away we are or how much time passes between. Our hearts remember mmore than our brains do. Even missed connections from many years ago can be found again, because that moment imprinted itself on the heart where it stays, long after the brain forgets.”

Chapter 22: Aim and Fire

“It would take more than just love to fix some of them. But love was a spark in the darkness. It was a beginning.”

“The boy you date shouldn’t be made of shards and secrets. You need a whole boy.”

Chapter 23: Unmeasurable

“Everyone has missed connections. They come and go, perhaps lost forever. Until now. The heart is capable of remembering what the head has forgotten. Even if years pass, the threads that connect you to the lives you’ve crossed and connected with never break. You might know them as heartstrings.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever solve you. There’s so much I want to know about you, and even if we sat like this for years asking and telling, I still wouldn’t know it all. And that’s thrilling. I can keep unfolding parts of you, the good and bad sides of Kentaro Oshiro, and you would… you would do the same for me”


Quote of the day 2017: September 01

“Hold me tight, just for a little while. It’ll be over soon.”

Takako Chigusa, Battle Royale.

This scene hurts my heart so baaaad. I can’t even move on. 😭 It’s when you’re in the brink of dying and the memories rolled in front of your eyes; and then when you opened your eyes for the last time, you see a familiar face, a friend, a love that should have been blossomed, kneeling next to you, cradling your head.

He remained expressionless but his lovely eyes express despair. He just looks at you and listen to your final words, and this… is your last request.


Demn. I cried again typing this one. Oh well.. 😥