Tried “Riverdale” edit on my favorite Laboratory

Well.. for starters the original name for this edit is “Vintage Pink”. They just named it Riverdale because of the tv show.

So here’s my edit in Bubba Lab tea shop in Marikina.

Camera used: Samsung A5 2016

Editor: Adobe Lightroom

Edit style: Color Manipulation /Vintage Pink / Riverdale

First stop for summer 2017 is.. Camaya Coast Resort!

We arrived in Mariveles, Bataan on a ferry from Manila. It’s a quick getaway if you want to enjoy outdoors without any hassle of driving. Even though it’s still under development; everything and everyone are enticing. They really lived by their tagline.. “At Camaya Coast, Life is breathtakingly simple.”

A day tour is not enough to enjoy this one of a kind resort. I’ll definitely be back.. for sure. Now let the pictures do the talking!

Camera: Nikon D100
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom