Quote of the Day 2017: August 29

True or nah? For me. Well… partially. 😂 because I can’t write when I’m too giddy, I can’t write either when I’m too sad.


Quote of the day 2017: August 22

Far too many people died for no good reason. There are those who will say that this would never have happened if we would just mind our own business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Frankly we live in a dangerous world and we have a few good options but the worst option is to do nothing

— Vice President Trumbull, London has Fallen

Quote of the day 2017: January 06

I admit. I’ve been an arse to my true love. We’ve been together for almost 9 years now. With an ‘on’ and ‘off’ relationship. In between those years, I’m always the one who got  away because of childish reasons like,

  • Why can’t we date?
  • Can he just stop working for a while to spend some time with me?
  • And the likes.

It may look like we’ve been fooling each other (especially me haha!), but deep inside I know he’s serious. He knows me inside and out. He’s the only one I can talk to anything.. and when I said anything.. like literally! And he just laugh and give some side comments. That’s one thing that I really like about him. He knows my strengths and weaknesses. He maybe an arse too, but damn. He’s loyal. 

This year, I know.. things are getting serious. We’re not 14 years old girl and 18 years old boy anymore. That little bud of love that we’ve planted 9 years ago grew into something…

Something wonderful. 😍

Quote of the day 2017: January 05

I must admit, my 2016 is really shitty. But it doesn’t mean that I should have a negative energy this year. To those people who also had a rollercoaster ride last 2016; Smile. Be bright and kick those negativity to the curb this 2017. ‘Cause baby girl/boy, you are stronger than you think you are. Share those happiness to others. You never know who needed it the most. 

Do not just exist. LIVE.