Let’s go to Mount Purro Nature Reserve, Antipolo City, Philippines!

Let’s go to Mount Purro Nature reserve, Antipolo, Philippines!

Want to take a vacation in just 750 pesos?

It’s already the entrance fee plus buffet in Mount Purro Nature reserve!

To those people who:

  • Loves nature with Bohemian Spirit?
  • Loves to go swimming but not on beaches?
  • Wants to go trail walk but not on mountains?
  • Wants to have “Me Time” with your favorite book?
  • Looking for a place to relax, have an outing outside the outskirts of manila but not “TOO” far away?

Then try this place! The reserve has its unique BOHO feels. The place also can accommodate team building or retreat.

How to get there:

We drove from Marikina to the area. It took around 1hr and 30mins. In my opinion, driving is the best way to get to the area. You can use WAZE. To be honest, I don’t know how to commute but we saw a couple of tricycles in the jumpoff area before you go enter the barangay. I asked the staff of the resort, and it’s around 170 pesos one way when you ride a tricycle.


  • Swimming in the pool
  • Hiking (falls or malvar peak, they have schedule for these trips with tour guides)
  • Zipline
  • Tree Top Adventure
  • Bonfire
  • Trek to waterfalls
  • Horseback Riding

TTR (Tips to remember):

  • Wear proper swimming and hiking attire
  • Wear comfortable footwear
  • You cannot bring outside foods
  • Bring mosquito repellant
  • Remember to take nothing but memories and please do not throw your trash anywhere you like. The reserve has enough trashbins in the area.

Go and have an adventure!

Mount purro nature reserve’s website:http://www.mountpurronaturereserve.com

I’m back.. I guess? 

Hello hello guys! 

So I’ve been quite busy for the past months because of deadlines and graduation. But here I am, back with a couple of pictures, quotes or even stories that I’ve missed telling. 

Before I posted about Camaya resort in Bataan, Philippines; though I didn’t venture more on details, now.. my next post will be my trip to one of the mountains of Antipolo, Rizal Philippines.. Mount Purro. 

This place went viral last week or last last week (I really can’t remember haha!) and I even shared it in my facebook wall because the place is stunningly beautiful. So last week, my bestfriend ask me if I want to go on a day tour in that place, and I blurted out “yeah!” quickly than expected. Unexpectedly, his brother, girlfriend of his brother and sister were already making their reservation for visit. I was on the verge of cancelling because of financial and tired mind and body because of my 1st TEDxMiriamCollege experience (next next post haha) and we were scheduled the next day.

And thus, I ended up going to that unexpected trip that I got myself into. But I tell you, I have no regrets. Especially.. in God’s beautiful creation.