Story of Barabbas

The final story before Christ’s journey to the cross commences, is the story of Barabbas.

I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Barabbas was put on a platform with Jesus

And Pilate asked the people which one of these two men should be released

“Give us Barabbas!” They cried.

The sinner.
They chose Barabbas.
And they sent Christ to the cross.

Every time I read this, I get worked up by the injustice of the situation.

It was unfair.
Barabbas was unworthy.
He didn’t deserve to be set free.

Christ carried the cross anyway.

As I sat reading the story this time,
I realized something:

I am Barabbas.

I am the sinner.
The rebel.
The prisoner.
I am the one chained up.
Sitting on the platform with my savior.

And He took my cross.

It is unfair.
I am unworthy.
I don’t deserve it.

But He took the cross anyway.

The people may have chosen Barabbas,
Taken off his chains and set him free.

But here is the thing.
Jesus chose Barabbas first.
Jesus loosed Barabbas’ chains first.
Jesus set him free first.
Jesus cried “Give me Barabbas” first.

Did Barabbas deserve it?
Did he show gratitude?
Did he even acknowledge the sacrifice?

The answer is,
It doesn’t matter.

Barabbas means “son of the father.”
There is beautiful significance to this.

The point is,
We are all sons and daughters of the Father.
We are all Barabbas.

The point is,
it doesn’t matter what person was on that platform.


Christ would have done the same for each of us.
He DOES the same for each of us.

Every day.

Every day I step on that platform.
And every day, Christ takes my cross.
“Give me Mary.”
He begs me..
Give me your pain.
your guilt.
your heartache.
I’ll take it all.
Every day, Christ looses our chains.
Every day, He allows us to walk free.

Do I deserve it?
Am I worthy?
But I am forever grateful.

Written by Mary Stallings
Art: “We Want Barabbas” by Honore Daumier