Quote of the Day 2017: September 05


Gorgeous women do not go to medical school unless they’re as damaged as they are beautiful

– Gregory House, MD.


Quote of the day 2017: September 01

“Hold me tight, just for a little while. It’ll be over soon.”

Takako Chigusa, Battle Royale.

This scene hurts my heart so baaaad. I can’t even move on. 😭 It’s when you’re in the brink of dying and the memories rolled in front of your eyes; and then when you opened your eyes for the last time, you see a familiar face, a friend, a love that should have been blossomed, kneeling next to you, cradling your head.

He remained expressionless but his lovely eyes express despair. He just looks at you and listen to your final words, and this… is your last request.


Demn. I cried again typing this one. Oh well.. 😥


Quote of the day 2017: August 22

Far too many people died for no good reason. There are those who will say that this would never have happened if we would just mind our own business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Frankly we live in a dangerous world and we have a few good options but the worst option is to do nothing

— Vice President Trumbull, London has Fallen